Monday, March 17, 2014

Valentine Quilts

Hello again!
February has flown by, half way over and then March. My birthday is in March and it has all ways seemed that I had a long time until my birthday after the New Year.
I don't think about my birthday very much, and I don't think about my age unless my someone ask me. Luckily not too many people ask me how old I am.

One year I thought I was a year older than I was, until my sister told me she was not as old as I thought she was. Does that make sense?

February of course is the month of hearts. My mother's birthday was on Valentines Day so we celebrated Valentines Day a little different than the usual romantic way.

Since it is the month of hearts I am posting my heart quilt.

I am only 1 month behind. I love hearts anytime of the year.  See you soon, 
with love, Laurie

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