Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year
I can't believe that Christmas is over and it is now January 2015.
I hope everyone had a good holiday season this year. We were busy, just like everyone, but it was different for me because I had a my veins stripped in my left leg. First the front and then the back. I had to stay down at first, really careful for 5 days, then slowly work back into my usual schedule after 2 weeks. 
Since I had my first procedure the week before Thanksgiving and the 2nd the week before Christmas I was not moving fast.
I learned that I did not have to do all of the things I had on my list. I did a lot of shopping on line and let the less important things I usually do for Christmas, go undone.

We had a wonderful Christmas and no one noticed that things were not the same.

I have boxes and boxes of decorations that did not get opened up. They will have to wait until next year, unless I decide to use less again.

Did I mention that it snowed all day Christmas Day! We ended up with about 9 inches of snow by about 7:00pm.
This is my front yard.
This is our tree upstairs. We also have a tree in the family room downstairs it is real, so that we do have the smell of Christmas.

Another reason this has been a different year is that 2 of our quilting friends passed away. They were both fun, inspiring people, who I will miss. Our quilting community will not be the same without them.

The first part of November I was able to attend a quilt retreat held in Deer Valley, Utah. It is beautiful up there on top of the mountains that over look Park City. It was put on by Quilts, etc. a wonderful store in Sandy, Utah. If you need anything for your quilts, stitching, doll making, what ever, they have what you need.

It was a mystery quilt retreat and for me this is a big stretch. I am very picky about my fabrics and my designs. I have to have my colors just right, etc.
For the retreat you choose the fabric bundle you want to use and then they give you the steps to make the quilt.

I was not too excited about how my quilt was looking, I liked the 9 - patch,but the blocks in between did not look the way I liked. So I worked on the quilt I did not finish from last year.
 I have been thinking about how to use the 9-patches that I made.  Here is what I came up with. I like how it has worked out.
Here is the 9 - patch
Here is the block I am going to make out of the 9 - patch.
I think it will be fun when it is completed.

I have another quilt I am working on also that is applique. I have shown you the blocks. I needed to take a break so that I can recharge my ideas for more blocks in that quilt.

Time to go now.
The tree downstairs is dead and I get to take it down before the mess is too big.

Good bye for now,