Thursday, July 31, 2014

Family Reunions
We are having our Bird Family Reunion at home this year. Yesterday was our 1st day, we went to a small family fun park that has miniature golf, laser tag, arcade games, and more. Then we had our dinner at a park in Saratoga Springs, Utah. This park has some amazing swings, slides and activities for all ages. The main thing this park has is a 30 Triangle that any one can climb, even me!
I even had a little cheerleader climbing up a long with me. My nephew's 5 year old son was helping me by climbing above and then below me, telling me how easy it was. He was so cute, and a great motivator for me. I climbed to the top where my daughters were waiting for me. It was like being a little kid again.

Before I went to play at the park, I finished one of the blocks of my new quilt. I am going back to my roots, so to speak, I love baskets and flowers so I have both in my new quilt. Thrown in a couple of hearts and some embellishments and you have your a quilt that is truly you own design.
I will show you the rest of the blocks as I go. Have a good day and I hope to be back soon.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hello Again! 
Wow. What a month we have had at our house. Our 4th of July was pretty quilt, all of my children went away with either their friends or family. It was a nice quiet day with my husband. That does not happen on a holiday. The next day was busy with our boat. The whole family went to Jordanelle Reservoir for the day. I have to admitted that I love being on the boat with my family. We have no phones, TV, I-pad, etc. We have to have a good time with each other.

 I have not had a lot of time to finish my applique, but I have finished 4 quilts I have had waiting in my cupboard. Three of them were from Quilt Retreats that I have attended, I now have three more quilts to finish. I was feeling so good until I went down to my disaster room and found 2 more that need to be finished all so. I have so many quilts up stairs from my patterns that I really don’t know who to give these to. I’m sure I can figure it out.

 If you live in Utah you have another holiday on the 24th of July – Pioneer Day. It is the day we celebrate the Pioneers coming to our valley. We have a parade, races, and families have another day to BBQ before the fireworks again at 10:00. This year we took our family to St George, Utah to have a little get a way. It was great to be together again, all of us together. The only problem was that St. George was 110 degrees, HOT! 
My husband and our sons, and son in law went golfing in the mornings and we went swimming most afternoons. I of course visited the quilt shops in town. It was a wonderful time for us. Our summer is about over now, it has gone by so fast. But we will remember our short, Hot time together.
 See you soon!