Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Spring Again!
What a difference a day makes. It is spring today.
 I am going to lunch with some of my high school friends, one has moved away and is visiting for a few days. I have missed her through the years. There is something special about friends that know your history. Some one who knew about my parents divorce when I tried to pretend everything was all right at our house.
 We walked by the boys houses that we liked, because we did not have cars of our own then. When we did have a car we sang the popular songs and spied on the boys again, but we could get a way faster. 
I'm getting off track, but some times it is fun to think about how silly we could be when we were young.

I wonder, have you ever pieced together blocks for a quilt, using the same template, seam allowance, etc. only to find that 1 or 2 of your blocks are too small?
I have been quilting for many years and I was so excited to show you my quilt I have been working on for a few months. I have been sewing the blocks together and 2 blocks have been 10 inches instead of 11 1/2 inches.
I was so happy to be finished with the blocks, now I need to make 2 more.
I think I will not sew for a day or two.

I started a few blocks while I was in Hawaii. My friend wanted to learn how to applique, so I cut some out for both of us to work on. I now have 4 small baskets. I think I will design a new quilt. I will let you know how it goes.

This needle turn applique is fast and easy. If you like to do handwork, you would enjoy this method. I'll show you how to do it next time.
Right now I'm off to lunch - Good by for now,

 Hi again,
Today is June 17th and it is cold. It has been raining all day. It is the kind of day that I want to curl up and read a book under some of my quilts.

I have been binding my neighbor's mother's quilts. They were made in the 70's and it is interesting to see how different the fabric looks and feels. The fabric count is not very high so the fabric is not as soft as we use now.

Instead of my quilts, today I will under my neighbor's quilt trying to finish the binding. Tomorrow I will be under mine if it is still winter in June.
Good by for now,