Thursday, February 14, 2013


It has been a while since I posted. With Christmas, New Years, decorating, & undecorating, time went by fast. But now I can take the time to say a few things about what my new year is going to be like…

I have been told that I am a “Has Been”.

Have you been told that you are “been there, done that”? It is hard to explain how it feels to have that happen to you when you really don’t real like a “Has Been” at all.

What is a “Has Been”? What do you look like when you are a “H-B”? My clothes are clean and I hope fairly stylish, so I don’t think that is it. I do brush my teeth and take a bath most days. And I try to make someone’s day a little better every day. So what is a “H-B”.

This year I have been on a cruise with my wonderful husband, spent time with my family, and that consists of 2 darling Granddaughters. (They rule the house whenever they are around.)

I have been learning to paper piece, which has been interesting, if not a little confusing at first. But it will look good when I’m finished, I have learned that you should not use BIG prints when cutting pieces into ½ inch strips. And I have finished my row quilt, just adding the outer border, I will post photos as soon as I finish it.

I have so many new Ideas for quilts, dolls, knitting, that I don’t know which to start first. I am going to go on a few more trips this year, CanCun, San Franciso, Idaho, who know were else.

So speaking as a “Has-Been”, it’s not so bad.

Don’t let anyone make you think you are a “Has-Been” because no one knows what you have inside just waiting for the right time to come out. You might just surprise yourself!