Friday, February 20, 2015

Hi again!
My husband loves to get away during the winter, leave all of the snow and cold behind. But, this year we have had a very mild winter, unlike the eastern states so it was really a trip to get away after all the Christmas rush. We went on a trip this year the second week of January.

We went on what at that time was the worlds largest ship, the Norwegian Getaway.  We visited St. Martin, St. Thomas and the Bahamas. It rained in both St. Martin and the Bahamas, and it was beautiful while we were at St. Thomas.
While we were there we went to see Blackbeard's Castle. Not really a castle, but  a tower. A tower with a beautiful view of the bay. Next to the castle is a beautiful house built during the height of the Dutch and Pirate occupation.
Beautiful tall ceilings, doors and windows open to the sea breezes. As I walked through the rooms admiring the beauty and grace that once would have been the style of that time in history I turned around and saw...

A sewing machine!
Right in the master bedroom!
I knew I had found paradise!

Can you imagine living in more beautiful place and having a place to sew to your hearts content.
As we walked down the hill we went into another wonderful home, built not long after the first home we had been visiting. (They became homes to me once I saw the sewing machine). This one was just as striking as the first. Tall ceilings, doors, windows and a veranda to watch the world sail bye.
I was lost once again in the image of beautiful women in long dresses,  living in a world of color, beauty and once again I was surprised to find...

Another sewing machine!

And look at that table it is sitting on!
I know I am a dreamer. But this was so unexpected I had to share it with you.

I guess that is why I appliqué, I can't day dream while I sew at my machine. I have tried and the seams are not very straight!

Time to go,