Saturday, July 25, 2009

Busy Days

Addie, the light of my life!

Hi, everyone!

What a busy summer. I have spent time in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Idaho and the top of the mountians in Ogden Canyon.

We spent a week with my husband family at Powder Mountain in Ogden Canyon. We were in a beautiful place and overlooked the mountains into neighboring counties. The best part was spending time with all of my children and 1 grand daughter. Then the next week we spent 1 week in Sun Valley, Idaho. That was another great week with my kids.

What could be better than waking up and hearing your darling grandchild talking and laughing, and knowing you can be with her the rest of the day. I was so sad when they left to go home.

We rode the ski lift to the top of the mountian and I marveled at the beautiful colors of nature once again. I can't wait to put together some new ideas for quilts and Fabric. I'm working with a new fabric company, so I'll let you know when things are finalized for my new line.