Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Our family just came home from a wonderful trip to Sun Valley. What a difference spending time out doors in a beautiful valley can do to your mind and body! We went bike riding, swimming, walking and sitting in the sun.
Now my ideas are endless! Maybe I can catch up on some of the quilts I have been putting off .
How about a Grandma's Garden with the 1 1/2 inch hexagons! or a Christmas quilt with stitched blocks - I drew my own ideas.
And I think I have found a new mascot for my name - Little Bird.

       We were lucky to be albe to stay at a house with this amazing swimming pool with a view of Bald Mountain in the distance.

 One of my new ideas
                                                           My new friend - Little Bird

                                    Darlene Zimmerman gave me a new ruler for a contest with the Salt Lake Quilt Guild (I hope I got the name right) . This is part of my ideas for a different use of the dresden plate ruler.    

I'll let you know how things progress, and some pictures of the process.
Good Bye for now!