Monday, June 18, 2012

Hi, today has been eventful! Not for the quilts I should be working on, but for a little critter like this one. We have Squirrels in our attic. One found his way down into the walls of our basement and he could not get out. I found out that the place he was trying to get out of was just a cover, not an outlet. I unscrewed the cover and out pops a  squirrel. Great! Just one problem he runs the wrong way. Not toward the open garage door and out to the yard, but into my mess of a fabric, paint, what ever room. I found him up on top of one of my book cases, hiding behind what ever I have stored up there.

Some way I got him out of that room and back into the family room, I don't think I was lucky enough to have him run out of the open door, but I have not heard him yet.

All afternoon I have been waiting to hear him, I hope he went out, but I'll be waiting to hear from him all night. Wish me luck!