Monday, May 6, 2013

It’s May, It’s May that lovely month of May..

I could sing the song to you, but I’ll just write about Spring instead.

It is spring at my house. I have started planting flowers in my yard and the pots that were looking a little frozen are coming back.

I have been busy inside for the last month, both sewing and painting. I have almost finished the cabinet I was working on, just the drawer, which I don’t have, is unfinished. While I had the paints out I started painting on the cute box/foot stool I had waiting for attention.

Last but not least is the Millennium Quilt I am working on with my Clothesline Line Club. One quilt with 1000 pieces! The class is using kits, but of course I got working on my and decided to cut some of my own fabric, I now have 835 different pieces of fabric for my quilt. I started it is a couple of different sizes, etc. , and decided to cut them into rectangles. Well, mine will be a very strange looking quilt. I forgot to cut off some of the threads; I have sewn 161 pieces together so far. I’ll keep you posted1

Bye for now.