Sunday, April 28, 2013

Spring Thoughts

Hi, I think spring has finally arrived!

I have been able to enjoy the last couple of days out side with my family. Friday we went to the zoo and yesterday we went to the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point!
Isn’t nature beautiful!
There are so many wonderful sides to nature, but we all have to live through some of the sad, unexpected sides of life.
A few weeks ago I attended a funeral of a very influential member of our community. She had been very well known and she had given of her time and money in many different ways that helped the people of our state.
There were many, many important people at the funeral and just looking around you could tell that this was someone that everyone wanted to know and to have on their side.
I had met her at church; she was very polite, quiet, and humble. She did not flaunt her position of wealth and power.
The speakers at her funeral were her family members and close friends. They spoke of the wonderful person she was, the mother who was there for her family at all times. The grandmother whose grandchildren were the center of her life. And a wife who cherished her husband through all their years together.
They did not once talk about the money, influence, or power she had in the community. They loved her as their mother, wife and grandmother.
I left feeling close to her and their family, and felt their sorrow. Then a couple of days later my friend/walking mate told me that her niece who was pregnant had just find out that her baby did not have kidneys, and that he would not live. She was told that she would have to go through the delivery not knowing just how long their sweet baby would live. It could be minutes up to a couple of hours.
What a terrible loss to this young couple.
Two different loses, two different experiences.
I will never lose a baby that way, but I can imagine the pain and loss of a sweet baby before he has had time to become the person he was sent here to be.
As for Cleone, I just hope that I have been the mother, wife and grandmother that inspire my children to feel as her family felt for her.
May is coming this week and time goes by too fast. Back to quilting and painting.
Next time I’ll post some of my new ideas!