Saturday, January 3, 2015

Happy New Year
I can't believe that Christmas is over and it is now January 2015.
I hope everyone had a good holiday season this year. We were busy, just like everyone, but it was different for me because I had a my veins stripped in my left leg. First the front and then the back. I had to stay down at first, really careful for 5 days, then slowly work back into my usual schedule after 2 weeks. 
Since I had my first procedure the week before Thanksgiving and the 2nd the week before Christmas I was not moving fast.
I learned that I did not have to do all of the things I had on my list. I did a lot of shopping on line and let the less important things I usually do for Christmas, go undone.

We had a wonderful Christmas and no one noticed that things were not the same.

I have boxes and boxes of decorations that did not get opened up. They will have to wait until next year, unless I decide to use less again.

Did I mention that it snowed all day Christmas Day! We ended up with about 9 inches of snow by about 7:00pm.
This is my front yard.
This is our tree upstairs. We also have a tree in the family room downstairs it is real, so that we do have the smell of Christmas.

Another reason this has been a different year is that 2 of our quilting friends passed away. They were both fun, inspiring people, who I will miss. Our quilting community will not be the same without them.

The first part of November I was able to attend a quilt retreat held in Deer Valley, Utah. It is beautiful up there on top of the mountains that over look Park City. It was put on by Quilts, etc. a wonderful store in Sandy, Utah. If you need anything for your quilts, stitching, doll making, what ever, they have what you need.

It was a mystery quilt retreat and for me this is a big stretch. I am very picky about my fabrics and my designs. I have to have my colors just right, etc.
For the retreat you choose the fabric bundle you want to use and then they give you the steps to make the quilt.

I was not too excited about how my quilt was looking, I liked the 9 - patch,but the blocks in between did not look the way I liked. So I worked on the quilt I did not finish from last year.
 I have been thinking about how to use the 9-patches that I made.  Here is what I came up with. I like how it has worked out.
Here is the 9 - patch
Here is the block I am going to make out of the 9 - patch.
I think it will be fun when it is completed.

I have another quilt I am working on also that is applique. I have shown you the blocks. I needed to take a break so that I can recharge my ideas for more blocks in that quilt.

Time to go now.
The tree downstairs is dead and I get to take it down before the mess is too big.

Good bye for now,

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Good Morning!
As I say all most every day - Time goes by so fast!

It is Tuesday and Monday just flew bye. Does time go by this fast for everyone? Today I am going through my quilts for a trunk show tomorrow. It is so fun to see my old quilts, they seem like old friends to me. Each one has a history, a time of my life when I made them. I can remember what was going on in my life and my family's lives.

I have been blessed to have spent so many years working hard with my hands, my imagination, and wonderful people who love quilting. At least 15 years going to Quilt Market, each year a different city. 
I have had adventures in Pittsburgh, Atlantic City, Minneapolis, Houston, Portland and Kansas City.

As time goes by I miss the people and excitement of "Market". But I have met new friends in the last 2 years and hope to meet many more.

Have a good day where ever you are. The weather is beautiful here in Salt Lake. Fall in the air and I am ready for new ideas and adventures!


Sunday, September 28, 2014

Hi again!
The whole month of September has slipped away and I have not had the time to sit down and write. The colors are changing around us and the days are getting shorter, fall is here even if the calendar doesn't day it is here.

I have busy working on new blocks. I have had so much fun designing my new yellow baskets. I had forgotten how much fun it can be to put the colors and shapes together and then add a little stitching, buttons, or what ever I find in my stash.

This month I have been cleaning our some of my quilting projects. I found 6 finished quilt tops! They have been farmed out to be quilted and I'll show you some of the results. A few of them were from the Mystery Quilt Retreat I have been going to, and some have been class ideas I had planned to use. The fun part of it was to see so many quilts leaving my house to be finished.

Lake Powell and it's many beautiful sites,

Rainbow Bridge
Have you ever been to Rainbow Bridge in southern Utah?
My husband and I have were lucky enough to go down to Lake Powell this past weekend with a group of friends. The only way to see this beautiful spot of the world is by boat.

Lake Powell in it's self is like being in another world. The rock walls, cliffs, canyons and open water ways are majestic. We stayed in a small bay with a hugh rock formation called the Cookie Jar. 

Rock really sandstone falls away form the formations to make the beautiful enclosed bay we stayed in. My husband and I went for a walk on the rocks the first morning. As you can see from the pictures below we docked on the rock, so we did not have a sandy beach to walk on. So up the hill we went. It was beautiful! We thought we could go around the water to the other side of the bay, but half way through it became very steep. Just as my husband said we should turn around I realized just how steep it was and started sliding down the rock. 
After he caught me and was sliding himself we finally stopped. I have not been that afraid in quite a while. Slowly we moved side ways to the part of the hill that we could walk on with out sliding down the wall.

We learned our lesson, and were careful the rest of the trip to swim and boat with respect for nature.

 Our friends boat was our home away from home

 Views around our boat

I'll show you the next block as I finish the last one and maybe I'll know how it will be all put together some time soon.

See you again,

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hello again!

It has been a little while since I posted. I have been out of town a couple of times and now that we are at home it feels like I never left.

We did have a fun time in San Francisco. My husband had to go down for work, so we went down a few days early. We flew in on a Saturday and we know that the wharf is all ways busy on Saturday, but it was crazy! We tried to park, but found that all we did was drive around in circles. So our next idea was to go to the Italian restaurant that we like neat Coit Tower. It was crazy there also. I guess thousands of people have to go some place.

We found out that there was an outside concert going on and that someone had sold counterfeit tickets to hundreds of people. They could not get in to the concert and had to make other plans for the evening.

The next day we drove down to Monterey. I love Monterey and the weather was perfect. We stopped at one of the fruit stands and bought some strawberries, grapefruit and eat fried artichokes hearts. You could see the strawberries in the fields as you drive by and there was a hint of strawberries in the air, they were wonderful.

I found my new profession!
I knew that I loved Monterey, California!

While I had downtime on our trips I worked on my new block. Here it is, the 2nd block of my new quilt.
I 'm not sure if all of my baskets will be yellow, but as soon as I have time to sit down I will work on the next block.

I have to go now because I have my high school reunion tonight. Boy, do I not want to go. I'm only going because my friend talked me in to going with her. We are leaving our husbands at home so that we do not have to worry about them being bored.

Wish me luck,

Friday, August 8, 2014

Good Morning!
We had a beautiful morning watching hot air balloons rise above our heads. All we had to do was drive out to a small park by my daughter's house with the sun shining bright watch as the balloons were laying out on the grass and them slowly fill with hot air, rise into the sky.

My youngest granddaughter still is not sold on the idea that it is fun to see, but by next year she will be as excited as we are to see the beautiful balloons go up.

About quilting, I showed you my first basket block and now I am working on the next. I am excited to show you as soon as it is finished. I am off to San Francisco this weekend for a short trip with my husband, but I will show you how it looks when we return.

See you later,

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Family Reunions
We are having our Bird Family Reunion at home this year. Yesterday was our 1st day, we went to a small family fun park that has miniature golf, laser tag, arcade games, and more. Then we had our dinner at a park in Saratoga Springs, Utah. This park has some amazing swings, slides and activities for all ages. The main thing this park has is a 30 Triangle that any one can climb, even me!
I even had a little cheerleader climbing up a long with me. My nephew's 5 year old son was helping me by climbing above and then below me, telling me how easy it was. He was so cute, and a great motivator for me. I climbed to the top where my daughters were waiting for me. It was like being a little kid again.

Before I went to play at the park, I finished one of the blocks of my new quilt. I am going back to my roots, so to speak, I love baskets and flowers so I have both in my new quilt. Thrown in a couple of hearts and some embellishments and you have your a quilt that is truly you own design.
I will show you the rest of the blocks as I go. Have a good day and I hope to be back soon.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hello Again! 
Wow. What a month we have had at our house. Our 4th of July was pretty quilt, all of my children went away with either their friends or family. It was a nice quiet day with my husband. That does not happen on a holiday. The next day was busy with our boat. The whole family went to Jordanelle Reservoir for the day. I have to admitted that I love being on the boat with my family. We have no phones, TV, I-pad, etc. We have to have a good time with each other.

 I have not had a lot of time to finish my applique, but I have finished 4 quilts I have had waiting in my cupboard. Three of them were from Quilt Retreats that I have attended, I now have three more quilts to finish. I was feeling so good until I went down to my disaster room and found 2 more that need to be finished all so. I have so many quilts up stairs from my patterns that I really don’t know who to give these to. I’m sure I can figure it out.

 If you live in Utah you have another holiday on the 24th of July – Pioneer Day. It is the day we celebrate the Pioneers coming to our valley. We have a parade, races, and families have another day to BBQ before the fireworks again at 10:00. This year we took our family to St George, Utah to have a little get a way. It was great to be together again, all of us together. The only problem was that St. George was 110 degrees, HOT! 
My husband and our sons, and son in law went golfing in the mornings and we went swimming most afternoons. I of course visited the quilt shops in town. It was a wonderful time for us. Our summer is about over now, it has gone by so fast. But we will remember our short, Hot time together.
 See you soon!