Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Happy Easter!
Well next Sunday it will be Easter. We are having a quiet Easter at our house, my daughter and her family will be spending Easter with her husbands family. That means that the children will not be at our house. Easter Egg hunts are not the same with out our 2 darling grand daughters. We will look forward to next year.


 I just finished a quilt for spring using a method that was fast and fun. I think the women that came up with this pattern were brilliant! 
All you do is cut 10 inch squares of the two fabrics needed for each block, sew around the edges, then cut across the block 2 times to make a large pinwheel. Sew them together and cut 2 1/8 inches from the center seam 4 times around the center pinwheel. Rearrange the block pieces and you have this fun block.You can watch on You Tube with the Missouri Quilt Company, here is where you can find their Disappearing Pinwheel demo.

I am excited to have my quilt, quilted so that I can use it at home. I am going to teach you their method at Mormon Handicraft in Murray, Utah, if you want to see it in person.

I am finishing my Broken Wheel quilt this week also, I have posted this quilt before, but here is a reminder of what I am doing with this quilt. I wanted to use this block for a long time and I love the fabrics I used, so I know this will be one of my favorites.

My husband and I are leaving for Hawaii on Monday and I am taking with me a new quilt idea. I have been piecing my quilts a lot lately, but I am going to applique this quilt. Some of you that know me well, know that I usually have applique in all of my quilts. If not applique at least some embellishments. This quilt will have baskets of different sizes and flowers, WOW, I have used those ideas before!
I guess I am going back to my roots.
I will show you how it looks when we come home. I hope you will like.

I better go work on cleaning my house and finding clothes for warmer weather.

Good bye for now,

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope the luck of the Irish was with you today.
I am part Irish and I still forgot to wear green today. I was reminded by my 2 darling grand daughters. Pinches from a 2 1/2 and a 5 year old are fun when they realize that Grandma is not wearing green.

I am busy this week with a painting seminar. Once a year we paint beautiful items for our homes. This year it is a box designed from an antique box that sold for over $2,000.00. I will show you how it looks when we are finished. I showed you my project from last year, I changed the colors and the design to suit my house, but this year may be different.

Last week I was in Ivins, Utah near St. George, Utah. I went to a fitness resort and I really thought that I would not be able to walk or move after a 2 1/2 hour hike, and 2 more hours of working out. But I found that I back felt better and I could push myself father than I thought I could.

I needed a little Advil, bandages for my blisters and a change of shoes, and I was able to keep on moving.

I met some wonderful people from all over the country. All of the people there were friendly and supportive of each other.

It was a good week after all, even if I wanted to go home at the beginning of the week. Now I have to remember to eat right and exercise to feel better and to be able to keep up with the life I want to live.

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

Hello again!
February has flown by, half way over and then March. My birthday is in March and it has all ways seemed that I had a long time until my birthday after the New Year.
I don't think about my birthday very much, and I don't think about my age unless my someone ask me. Luckily not too many people ask me how old I am.

One year I thought I was a year older than I was, until my sister told me she was not as old as I thought she was. Does that make sense?

February of course is the month of hearts. My mother's birthday was on Valentines Day so we celebrated Valentines Day a little different than the usual romantic way.

Since it is the month of hearts I am posting my heart quilt.

I am only 1 month behind. I love hearts anytime of the year.  See you soon, 
with love, Laurie

Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy New Year!!
Well I am a little late in wishing you a ‘Happy New Year”. So many things have been happening at my house.
I was the one to catch the flu this year, it has been a long time since I have felt completely well.  I hear that from many people. If you are one of them, I hope you feel better soon.

The flu made it so that my Christmas decorations were very late this year, We put up the tree in our family room the Saturday before Christmas. That was cutting it too close for me.

We had a wonderful holiday season even though it was short. Right after Christmas I went to see the Rose Parade. We stopped off in a little town in California before the parade that was a miniature version of Denmark. The town is called Solvang. I think anyone who loves to create would like to visit this area. All of the buildings in the middle of the town are based on Danish designs. They have 4 windmills and storks nesting on the top of the buildings.
(The Danish people believe that it is good luck to have a stork nest on you house).
There were bakeries on every street and a wonderful chocolate shop. If you were hungry and you went at the right time of day you could buy an Aebleskiver (round pancakes with raspberry jams and powder sugar) right out of the window of one of the restaurants. (If you went at the wrong time the line was down the block).


Rose Parade 2014

The floral arrangements on the cars and trucks were amazing!

The next day we where off to see the floats as they were being finished for the parade.
I love flowers and I have been amazed through the years by the floats they make using only organic materials. Flowers, seeds, leaves, small green tomatoes, and many more materials that I could only guess at.
 New Years Day we left our hotel at 4:30 am to drive to the parade. I am not a parade person, but this was fun. The floats go by so fast that I could only take 2 pictures and the floats were gone.
The days were beautiful and warm and I will all ways remember our trip, but I think that once is enough.

Now on to my new quilt – I have wanted to make a quilt using this block for a long time. One of the names for the block is Broken Wheel.
Here is what I have made so far.
I think I will add another row and sashing, a stop border and then the border.
I am excited to finish this because I have 2 more ideas I want to start.
Have a good day,


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Hello again, I have had a crazy week again, so I missed last week. I don't have any quilts to show you, because I am finishing my binding on the three I showed you before.

I have others I am trying to finish, and when I finish them I will show you. I can't decide  between my Mermaid quilt, my Christmas (I know I should be finished with that one), or a couple of pieced quilts I am playing with.
I will let you know which I finally deiced on.

I have also, been busy taking my father to the hospital. He has diabetes, heart problems, kidney problems and he has had a couple of strokes through the years. He is a miracle to be living after all that he has been going through. Things have been getting worse this year, and we have been taking him to the hospital regularly.
He wants to live in his house, so my sister and I can not be there to help him through the day, and that is scary. 
Taking care of our children was just a natural part of life, but growing up you don't think that you will have to take care of your parents. It is different time of life. If you too have the responsibility of being care givers, I know how hard it can be.

I got to go to a fun Antique Show last week. It was held at a small farm about 30 minutes from my house. The farm has fallow deer, goats, chickens and roosters. I know there are more animals, but they were moved down the street for the show.

There were a lot of fun things to see and buy, I tried to be good, but I did buy a few things. I bought a wonderful old bucket with holes that they use in Europe to pick and drain olives, 2 milk glass pieces, an old beat up doll bed,
and a wire basket.

I think this will be wonderful with pumpkins, flowers, any thing I can think of.

Time to go, but I just thought of one more thing, I found out that someone had "pinned" my quilts on to Pinterest. It is all ways fun to see them when I least expect it.

Thanks for stopping by, have a good week and next time I will give you a wonderful recipe for a Peach-Blueberry Cobbler I made last night. It was so good and easy.

Good by for now,

Friday, September 20, 2013

Good Morning! How are you?
I had to have my hair cut this morning at 7:00. I walk every morning, so I am up before 7:00am, but this time I had to look better than usual. 
Now I get to go to a quilting class all afternoon. What a great day!
Tonight I am getting one more quilt back from my quilter. I will show you how it looks quilted. I am excited to see this one, it is the row quilt I showed you a while ago.
Yesterday morning we had a huge, beautiful rainbow in the sky. I ran home and took a picture of it. I could not get the whole rainbow, but most of it.
I have seen 4 rainbows in the last 2 weeks! It has been so fun to look up to see the rainbows, they are so serendipitous. (Is that a word?)

This is the view from our house.

I'm really excited to show you my row quilt that I just got back from my quilter. I think it looks great, but it is a little too, long for my picture.

 Here is a close up of the bottom
Here is the top.
I have to run now, but I will be back soon. Have a good weekend!
Good by for now,

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hi again,
Today is a rainy day here in SLC. It is one of those days when I would love to rap up in one of my quilts and read, or watch a good romantic movie.
Before I can enjoy either of those activities I have some show and tell for you. I just picked up a couple of quilts from my quilter and I am excited to show you how they look. And I finished the Halloween wall hanging. It is not quilted yet. I tried to quilt it myself, but I can't seem to do it very well. I did finish the top so I'll show you how it turned out.
This is my caterpillar. I used the Dresden Plate ruler from Darlene Zimmerman.

 This is my sampler, I showed you how I was learning to paper piece, this is how it turned out.

Here is my Halloween Quilt. It is a little hard to see, but I will get it quilted someday and that all ways make them come to life.

I have many things to do today, you know how things come all at once or not at all? That is what this month will be like for me. I hope you have a good day.
It is beginning to feel like fall, I'm not looking forward to winter, but I love the cooler days and the changing leaves.

Good by for now.