Friday, March 29, 2013

I can't believe how time goes by sooo fast! I have had a busy 5 weeks!
My birthday was at the first of the month and the best present I received was my son coming home from his mission to Mexico. He is still the same wonderful, loving, young man that left 2 years ago, but he has grown in so many ways.

On my birthday I went to a special "Flea Market" here at our Salt Lake City Fair Grounds. It was fun to look through all of the booths and trying to find just what I needed to bring home. I found some darling Milk Glass vases, a wonderful "vintage" bird cage, and chalk paint! Yes I did get other things, but these were the most exciting.

I have some other birds in my house here are just a few of the shelves in my family room.
My birds in the middle are vintage from a antique mall in our city and the cute blue bird on the orange is from Anthropologie.
I love tiny creamers and I am trying to find as many as I can on e-bay, antique stores , etc., and Egg cups, mine have chickens on them.
(OK, so much for the house show, I sorry they are a little blurry.)
Last week I was at a painting seminar with the most wonderful artist and painter, Michele Walton as the teacher. Her boxes are much more detailed and darker in color than my boxes will be. We painted all last week and of course I am not finished with my boxes, but this is the preview of what we worked on.
(This is the original box)

This is the top and front of our Bread Box. Of course I will never put a loaf of bread in my box. but they will be placed some place much more important when they are finished.
I have changed the colors and some of the design elements from what the originals pieces. And now that I have posted them I will have to finish them to show you later.

This darling box is really a pin cushion. The top opens up for stowing things we need when we stitch and the bottom draw is small enough that I won't lose what I put in to it.
As for quilting, I am still practicing my paper piecing.

I am still adjusting to using the correct size prints for the size of the blocks. But it has been fun to see how they are coming together. Some of the blocks are not paper pieced, but they are part of the quilt.
That is the update for now, Easter is in 2 days and it is my grand daughter's 5th birthday, so it will be a special day for our family.
Happy Easter!