Friday, August 16, 2013

Good Morning!
Time as gone by so fast, and so many things have happened. So many projects completed and put aside. I just wanted to let you know that I am going to start posting at least once a week.  I am going to let you know about the ideas I have, the projects I have for you and the food we find that is worth talking about.
Before that I will be spending a little time with my family on a wonderful trip on the ocean. I’ll post some pictures so you can see how beautiful the world we have to live in.

Last month we had a “Super Moon” my son came into my room at 10:00 pm and said that he wanted me to go chase the “Super Moon” with him. We live at the base of a mountain, so we cannot see the moon as soon as the people in the valley. So we jumped into the car and drove down the hill to find the moon. It was beautiful!  Here is the picture we got, not as good as in person, but this is the “Super Moon”.

A Beaver Dam!

Then two weeks ago I was able to go for a walk with my son around a small lake up at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon here in Utah. It was so peaceful and beautiful. It makes me thankful for the beauty we have so close around us. I know that we all have special places where we live that fill our hearts and souls when we need a little time to unwind.
I hope you have been able to stop and enjoy some time this summer, time with your family, friends, and sometimes just with yourself.
How do you relax and unwind from the crazy days we live in?
Good bye until next time,

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