Friday, August 16, 2013

I have been so busy that I forgot to post about the last class I taught on beginning applique. We had a great time thinking up different ways to use the fabrics we had for my dresses.
I started these dresses a long time ago and some how they were put to the side. I am going to finish them now. See what you think.

When I come back from our trip I will show you how to applique one of these, then you'll have the secret of how to do all of them.
There will be more to come!
Bye now!

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Nancy-Rose said...

HEY! I'm working on the same quilt! I have all of the dresses cut out, raw edges turned, and all set to applique - buttons and trims chosen - but I'm saving them until a trip to the cottage in October - blissful hand stitching - AH! It was fun to see your dresses