Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spring Things

Spring Market
Yes, I did go to Spring Market in Kansas City, MO.
I did not have a booth this time because I had a 1 year birthday party for my youngest grand daughter and the 1st dance program for my 4 year old grand daughter, both that same week as Market. I could not miss either of those events.
What is more important than our families!
Grace was born the day after Market last year and she is the most darling baby ever! Of course I know all of our babies are the most darling, but she is the most darling, along with her big sister.

Enough about my girls, I did leave a little late for Market, I missed Sample Spree and the 1st day, but I was there for a little while on Saturday and all day Sunday.   I left home at 5:30 am to catch the plane to Denver. We arrived at 8:50. I ran to the next gate, blisters to show my effort. Just to find out that our plane had been delayed until 12:04!                           
12:04 now I was going to miss 2 1/2 hour of Market! They said that the crew needed to sleep. Why did they not figure that out before our flight?
We finally made it to Kansas City. I thought I was doing well to get to the car rental counter in record time!
Did you know that they will not rent you a car is your driver's licence has expired? I did not realize my licence was expired.
All of my plans to go and visit the Quilt Shop around Kansas City - not going to happen this time.

                                   This is what my day looked like -
And did you know that the taxi cab ride from the Airport to downtown Kansas City is $46.00?

Enough of my problems - I made it and met my friend, Tina, and was able to see the friends and wonderful surprises at Market
Historic Fountain  at the Country Club Plaza


So many beautiful things to see at the Plaza

Art Nov. buildings all through the Plaza

The last problem I had at Market was that I was in such a hurry that I did not get pictures of my friends and finds. I'll see what I can do about that for the next time.
Bye for now!

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