Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's Winter Again!

We had a major cold front come through our area a few weeks ago, and we thought that the snow was here to stay.
Little did we know that it would warm up to
the high 40's and all the snow would melt!

Last night winter came back and it is
snowing right now.
I walk every morning and I love to walk in the snow before every
one is driving to work, or taking their children to school. It is peaceful and beautiful and I can think and plan what I am going to do for the day.

Oh Christmas Tree

If you have been reading my blog, you will know that I had a little problem with my tree this year. It was not quite the shape I wanted, and with a little trim and a few "new lights" it is know finally finished. Here is the completed project - mistakes and all !

Cleaning Alert!

I need to warn you about a bathroom cleaner that is really BAD!
I got it at our 1$ store here in town but I also found it at "Smith's Market Place" a large chain of stores in our area.
It is called "The Works", and it really does work on some things.
My husband thought he would be helpful on Thanksgiving Day and clean one of our bathrooms. As he opened the cleaner he dropped the bottle on our floor and it eat a hole out of the carpet in just seconds

Here is the proof - so be careful, really careful if you have this product in your home.

This is the floor of one of our bathrooms. I know you will say "WOW carpet in the bathroom. How old is her house? Does she have any taste in her decorating?"

1st - I have been trying to g
et rid of this carpet for YEARS!
2nd - My husband did not let me remodel for YEARS!
3rd - It really is kind of nice to have a floor that is not cold to step on in the morning.

Anyway, It is going to be changed to new cabinets, new tile, new, etc.
I have been the contractor on these
projects and I am going crazy.
Remodel 2 bathrooms during the Holidays is NUTS.

Here is one of the bathrooms before, I will let you know how they look when I am finished and all I have to worry about is if my quilts are looking right to the next marke

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