Friday, January 5, 2018

2 Years!

  Time goes by so fast! Two years and I have not looked at my blog! I was burned out. My father died two years ago, after he went through a long hard battle with diabetes  and all of the terrible complications that come with that disease. I was taking him to the doctors every week for check ups, in between his many trips to the hospital.
  I had been going to Quilt Market for the last 18 years (I'm not sure how many years!) and there have been so many changes. 
  The feeling of Market has changed through the years. It was fun to see all of the different designers, most of us were independent designers. We would meet and explore the many ideas we had come up with since we had last seen each other. The fabric companies were all ways important, but they did not control the designers. We could use what ever color or style we wanted for our quilts. And the biggest difference was that we were all working on making the art of quilting individual for all different styles, looks and interests for people.
  I noticed that the last few Markets were showing the same look. I know that we all ways want the new ideas, but the fabrics  that do not relate to each other, make a certain look of quilt. And everyone likes to finish a quilt quickly, but I don't need more than a few big block quilts.
  I have loved my many trips to Quilt Market and they hold a very special spot in my life. I still love quilts and I will not stop making them. I am trying to follow quilt patterns, but I can't stop making my own changes to the designs. And I will be dreaming of designing quilts again.

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